In their prime earnings years, our clients are focused on remaining competitive in the face of a rapidly changing world, making sure their children are on strong financial footing, and putting away money for retirement in the most efficient manner. They have passions, people that count on them, and an ideal for their future. As life’s thrown them curveballs, they’ve adapted in ways they didn’t expect, relying on good advice, and maintaining a core ethos of hard work, responsibility and respect for others.

Investment Prescription



Tax Efficiency


During your prime earnings years, you use wisdom and experience to “get the job done” in an efficient and responsible manner. And all the while, you gradually hone your vision of what life looks like after work. A customized, efficient allocation to tax-deferred vehicles, as well as an emphasis on responsible saving and growth are hallmarks of the Stand Strong Approach to investing. Simply put, this approach strives to be as productive as our clients during their prime earnings years.


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