Whether you serve on the board of a growing corporation or the charity you are most passionate about, one word defines your undertaking: stewardship. For company owners or board members, starting a 401(k) for employees or improving cash management are stepping stones towards your overall vision of organizational excellence. For boards of non-profits, such as museums or religious organizations, managing an endowment and educating supporters on emerging needs helps to ensure viability for generations to come. In everything you do, you are a steward of what has come before, what is alive now, and what will be for many years ahead.

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Investment Management for businesses and non-profits combines three distinct needs. From the very top level, investment management decisions need to be consistent with the vision of a company's founders or board of directors, or the board of directors and benefactors of a non-profit. Secondly, the management strategies must be designed like the institutions themselves: to survive in perpetuity. And third, sufficient liquidity must exist so that institutions may draw on assets to cover short-term cash flow needs. Caring for these major considerations, and developing an empathetic understanding of stakeholders’ wants and needs, forms the core of our relationship with our Institutional Wealth clients.


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